Private individuals or through a real estate agency?

We propose the main keys to sell, buy or rent a property, so you can choose the form that best suits your needs.

Selling, buying or renting a property is always a complicated, delicate and important process. We want to do it with the best guarantees, without setbacks and the first thing we have to decide is how we face it: Do we take care of it ourselves or do we hire a specialised real estate agency?

First, buying an off-plan home is not the same as buying a second-hand property. In the first case, the developer must provide us with all the information on the development to be built; however, in the case of a second-hand property, we must make sure of the legal situation of the property, its surroundings, its material state, etc.

For example, we may find that there is a mortgage charge, that there are repossessions on the property or even unresolved inheritance issues. In these cases, it is highly recommended the presence of a professional to resolve these issues in the most appropriate way.

Secondly, we must know which is the best way to make a contract. Contracts that are signed between individuals are subject to civil law, while if we choose to do the process through a real estate agency, between the buyer and the real estate applies consumer law, in addition to the general rules of civil law.

Likewise, it is necessary to be aware that an important amount of time has to be allocated in order to adapt the property and leave it in conditions for rent or sale. Once you are ready, you should see the best way to take attractive photographs and then upload them to important web portals to promote it.

After that, there will be a number of requests that will have to be responded to in a timely manner, and visits for which time will have to be set aside. However, all this time and effort can be reduced if you choose to hire a real estate, which has the mission of taking care of this process.

But how do you choose the right real estate agency? In order to be right, we must be well informed and assess the agencies that act from an ethical point of view and are even governed by a real estate code of ethics.

It is an added value that can make us tip the scales, as well as the fact that the real estate is cooperating with other entities and thus offers the possibility of reaching a wider audience.

Benefits of working with a real estate agency

If we choose to entrust this process to a professional real estate agency, we are guaranteed some key points in a sale or rental of property.

We will get the price right. If we opt for a very high price we may never sell, while if we determine a too low price we will probably make a bad deal. A professional agent will inform you about what the real market price is, as he has various data that will help you determine the most appropriate price.

You will get the maximum potential out of your property. An agency will adapt your house to the demands of the market. Sometimes, a small investment can increase the price of the house in a considerable way.

Your home will be everywhere. The agency will be in charge of promoting your property in different channels: national and international real estate portals, web, social networks, emails, etc.

You will save time and stress. Hiring a professional real estate agent allows us to continue doing our life with total normality, while the real estate agent takes care of everything.

In addition, it assures us more probabilities of success since it counts on an ample database of possible buyers and space in the most visited portals in the search of housing. The real estate agency will make a previous selection of these and will accompany them in the visits.

They will process the purchase and the loan. A poorly drafted contract is one of the main reasons not to sell a property between individuals. The real estate companies, once the negotiations have been made, will draw up a contract without errors because they have a legal department that guarantees it.

As can be seen, the possibilities are many and all have their more and less favorable points. In a process as decisive as the sale or rental of a home, the important thing is to choose the option that gives us greater peace of mind and adapts to our needs and desires, but be aware that it is a task that takes time and can be more complex than it seems, and be outside our knowledge.

An ethical real estate can tip the scales from a fair, honest and transparent point of view, to accompany you throughout the process and successfully achieve the goal.