Bass Guitar Effects Pedals


The results that are defined for every Effects Pedal are the same for both electrical as well as Bass Guitars. However, for the Bass Guitar, the result is often changed to suit the reduced regularity variety of the tool.

Bass Wah Pedal

Similar to the Electric Guitar Wah pedal, the Bass Wah impact is created by the use a shaking treadle kind foot pedal. Nevertheless, with this type of device, the use of personalized EQ circuitry is integrated particularly for Bass regularities as well as the outcome is a complete fat bass tone with a smooth action. This is perfect for boosting your rhythmic playing, from cozy and subtle, to punchy.

Octaver Pedal

Using the Octaver is to generate a note that is one full octave listed below the initial note played – fairly a helpful pedal for Funk and also R&B – as well as many have the ability to handle two or 3 note chords. Because of its demand to develop the transformed pitch ‘live’, the pedal needs to have a fast reaction or tracking ability ideal for use with fast playing techniques.

Overdrive and Distortion Pedal

If you desire gutsy audios for playing Rock/Metal etc, after that the distortion pedal is for you. These pedals improve the signal to the point where the resulting audios are anything between abundant and cozy ‘clipped’, to something which is a whole lot more aggressive. Pedals differ in complexity from a few straightforward controls to a lot more complex versions incorporating control over harmonic content as well as tone shaping facilities. Commonly these pedals are criticised for introducing high degrees of noise, and are fairly challenging to use for workshop recording. Thinking about the method the signal is being enhanced as well as boosted, it’s not surprising.

Bass Carolers Pedal

Once again this pedal is particularly designed for the Bass frequency variety. These pedals replicate the effect of having several bass notes playing in unison where small variants create the chorus effect. It is feasible to imitate as much as sixteen voices depending on the make, and voice randomisation creates an enlarging of the sound.

Bass Compressor/Limiter Pedal

The Bass Compressor allows the Bassist to play over a variety of playing designs – from typical rhythmic playing to higher vibrant designs such as ‘slap’ – while maintaining the same outcome or quantity from the Amplifier. This enables the audience to listen to all your having fun, while preserving a balance within the band. The Compressor is probably one of the most typically made use of pedal, however is the most challenging to make use of. Otherwise set up properly, the pedal can create a rather dull performance.


If you intend to use a number of Bass impacts, you might want to choose utilizing multi-effect systems which includes all or any one of the above. However, many criticise these claiming that having all impacts in one unit endangers the high quality as well as capability of each specific result. Although, with the arrival of microprocessor electronics, a huge range of control over the specifications as well as sound shaping centers are readily available to the user, so whether these objections are valid or not is difficult to confirm. It is possibly to the viewpoint of the individual which will determine the technique to adopt, and also there is certainly an appeal to the simplicity of setting up at a job – with less cables to worry about going wrong at the most unfavorable time.

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