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Vapear is healthier

Let me start by congratulating you for being here. If you’re looking at vaporizers as a healthier alternative to smoking, then you’ve already won half the battle. Whether you are a (former) smoker looking for a better way to enjoy your herbs or a total novice exploring ways to consume, vaporizers are the way to go!

Find the best vaporizer for you!

So how do you find that device that meets all your demands? I think the answers to the following questions should guide you to find the perfect vaporizer for you. At VapoShop, we don’t believe in anything like the best vaporizer. What matters is finding the vaporizer that best suits your personal wishes. Let the following questions help you find your ideal device.

What material do you want to V?

Perhaps the most important question to ask yourself is: what material do I want to vaporize? VapoShop offers a wide selection of vaporizers for herbs and vaporizers for concentrates. Can’t you choose between herbs and concentrates?

Luckily we also have a lot of hybrid vaporizers, suitable for herbs AND for concentrates. For most of you, the answer to the question about the material was probably already formulated before we got here. So what else should you ask yourself?

Where do you want to go?

Determining the place where you want to have your vapeo sessions helps a lot to find the perfect vaporizer for you. At VapoShop, we have tabletop and portable vaporizers.

Tabletop steamers have no size limitation, so they tend to be larger than portable ones. Instead, they produce better steam that hits you harder, and allows for instant use and longer sessions. Desktop Vaporizers are also a better choice if your vaporization experience is more geared towards socializing. And in certain cases, they can also function as beautiful home d├ęcor.

Portable vaporizers, on the other hand, allow you to inhale discreetly while outdoors. If you want to enjoy your favorite stuff when you travel or share your best herbs with friends at a party, this is the category for you. However, some portable vaporizers are more stealthy than others, so the appearance and size of the vaporizer may be something to consider in your decision process.

Also, some of them have an internal heating system, while others require an external flame. Portable Vaporizers definitely come in different designs and shapes, so if this is the category for you, take into consideration the appearance and heating process of the device before you buy.

How often do I want to V?

The question “how often do I want to vamp” is closely linked to some other essential issues of V, most of which we have discussed above. If you are looking for vaporizers that offer instant gratification at any time, you may want to consider a tabletop vaporizer with an on-demand or portable heating system, perhaps with an external flame. These vaporizers do not heat your precious herbs continuously for a set period of time, but only when the vaporizer is activated, so they do not heat your material between puffs. If you are thinking of a micro-dose, these would be your vaporizers. There is no need to finish your cup in one session, which is the case with the so-called session vaporizers.

Session Vaporizers are vaporizers that provide a permanent and continuous emission of heat until your grass is worn out. To get the most out of your material, you have to finish your herbs in one session. As the heating element requires some time to reach the set temperature, it is advisable to pause the session halfway.

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